Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Different flavors of IaaS

Commodity vs. Enterprise Class IaaS is one of my favorite topics around Cloud. Both have similarities & differences and very often question that is being asked is: which is better? The answer is not around being better or worse - as both types of IaaS have different purposes. Commodity IaaS is intended for webscale applications and is mainly consumed by software developers and startup companies - who are writing a code for a specific cloud. Enterprise Class IaaS is intended to host enterprise class applications which can be moved from enterprise data centers into cloud to leverage on the new consumption & delivery model.

If you want to hear more - please come and join me on Cisco Live 2013 in London where I'll be hosting breakout session:

BRKSPG-2686: Different flavors of IaaS

Observing the IaaS marketplace and solutions which are being used to deliver IaaS - we found that there are multiple flavors of cloud. If we look on customer demands and expectations we can differentiate two main concepts: Commodity IaaS and Enterprise Class IaaS. Both clouds are compliant with cloud definition by NIST - but differ from architecture & implementation perspective. The goal of this session is to present similarities and difference of both flavors bringing special focus on infrastructure design which is main difrerentiator.

Tuesday, January 29, 11:15-12:45

South Halls S10 Room 22